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To provide data access and facilitate monitoring of projects the Aid Accounts & Audit Division maintains a web-site which is jointly hosted by NIC and AAAD. The Website has information relating to financial aspects of the Aid Agreements signed by the multilateral/bilateral donors.

On the following web-pages the data is updated on a daily basis:

   ACA releases - State-wise/Project-wise and sanctions issued by Plan Finance-I Division, Department of Expenditure. 

   Claims submitted by Project Implementing Agencies (PIAs)

   Disbursement of External Assistance of loans - Donor-wise/Sector wise/State wise/Ministry-wise.

   Disbursement of External Assistance of Grants Donor-wise/Sector-wise/State-wise/Ministry-wise

   Loan Ledger- Details of Receipts & Repayments (Principal & Other Charges)

    Current Disbursed & Outstanding loan (DOD)

   Quarterly Disbursed & Outstanding loan (DOD) - Maturity Period-wise.

   Repayment Schedule for Back to Back loans

   Plan Finance-I, Department of Expenditure Sanctions of Additional Central Assistance for Externally Aid Projects

   RBI Exchange Rate (selling) for Major currencies (Government Transactions)


Under the Horizontal scroll


   A horizontal moving text (marquee) gives a list of disbursing loans/grants, donor wise/loan/grant wise                        

   Another  horizontal (marquee) gives photographs of some of the  Externally Aided Projects  

   Another horizontal (marquee) gives details of Disbursement Summary (Reimbursement, Direct Payment & Special Account)


Under the vertical Scroll


   Additional Central Assistance Recommendation


   Repayment which is flashed on a daily basis  with  a hyperlink for its complete details

   Agreements signed during last three months

   Agreements signed during last one year

   Loans/Credits/Grants closing (For Disbursement) within next three months

   Loans/Credits/Grants closing (For Disbursement)within next one year

   State-wise Payment Budget (RE)

   State-wise Payment Budget (BE)

   State-wise Receipt Budget (Loans)

   State-wise Receipt Budget (Grants)


   Disbursing Loans/Credits/Grants

   Fully Disbursed loans/Credits/Grants

   Closed Loans/credits

   Brochure on Externally Aid Projects Year-wise

   Disbursed loan (2002-03 to 2006-07)

   Disbursed Grants (2002-03 to 2006-07)


RELATED LINKS:   Apart from this other information which is available under a link to the various related web-sites viz.

   E-submission of claims: The application id " www.caaa.gov.in" is a direct link to Integrated Computerized System (ICS) for Project Implementing Authorities (PIA) for E-Submission of claims

   Ministry of Finance.


   Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

   World Bank (WB)

   Asian Development Bank (ADB)

   Controller General of Accounts (CGA)

           All the reports are also available in the downloadable excel format.   A search option is available on Home Page for searching the data on the main pages.