Chapter 18



18.1 New Zealand has been extending financial and technical assistance in the form of equipment, cash grants, services of experts and training facilities in New Zealand under the Colombo Plan since 1951-52.

18.2 The total assistance extended by New Zealand upto March, 1989 amounted to N.Z. $ 11.99 Million.

18.3 The Government of New Zealand have also extended assistance for the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, Matrigara Dairy Project (West Bengal), the setting up of an artificial breeding centre at Palampur (Himachal Pradesh) and for the construction of obstetrics and gynaecology wing at Ludhiana Hospital. Assistance has also been provided in the fields of forestry and forest fire fighting.

18.4 Project assistance to India drew to a close in 1982-83 with the completion of a short-term technical assistance attachment to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences and the provision of small items of equipment to AIIMS. Development assistance to India is now limited to the provision of training awards.

18.5 The details of Grants are given in Annexure II.