Aid Accounts & Audit Division, Deptt. of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance
सहायता लेखा एवं लेखा परीक्षा प्रभाग,आर्थिक कार्य विभाग, वित्त मंत्रालय
Loan/Credits closing (For Disbursement) within next 1 year
As On : 28-Dec-2016
Loan/Grant DescriptionAgreement DateTerminal Disbursement DateLoan AmountTotal Disb As On Date
ADB [Asian Development Bank ]
USD [U S Dollars ]
2309-IND -Uttarakhand Power Sector Investment Program - Project 1 22-02-200730-03-20172575000021547805.09
2331-IND -Jammu & Kashmir Urban Sector Dev. Inv. Prog.(Proj.1) 28-12-200731-12-20163720000035465915.66
2452-IND -Khadi Reform and Development program 22-12-200931-12-201615000000020000000
2461-IND -Himachal Pradesh Clean Energy Development Investment Program (HPCEDIP) 10-11-200830-06-2017150000000140725640.94
2506-IND -Rajasthan Urban Sector Dev. Invest.Program-Proj-2 18-02-200931-12-2016124210000110722878.23
2592-IND -Assam Power Sector Enhancement Invest. program--Project 1 15-02-201030-06-20174960000043753630.65
2594-IND -Jharkhand State Roads Project 16-07-201031-12-2016174000000146513624.5
2596-IND -Himachal Pradesh Clean Energy Development Investment Program-Project-2 12-03-201030-06-20175610000048852604.67
2676-IND -Infrastructure Development Investment Program for Tourism - Project 1 reg. 20-07-201130-06-20174342300028694849.32
2677-IND -Assam Power Sector Enhancement Investment Prog. Projeclt-2 17-01-201130-06-20176690000059136091.57
2679-IND -Sustainable Coastal Protection and Management Investment Program Proj.I`1 17-08-201130-06-20175155500023839474.41
2705-IND -karnataka State Highway Improvement Project 20-07-201131-12-2016305000000145869450.91
2725-IND -Rajasthan Urban Sector Dev Investment Program. Proj.3 17-03-201130-12-20166000000048246955.56
2770-IND -North Eastern State Roads Invest. Program-Project 1 09-07-201231-12-20167480000022960202.07
2778-IND -Gujarat Solar Power Corporation Ltd. 27-02-201231-12-20168000000059292862.67
2794-IND -Himachal Pradesh Clean Energy Trasmission Investment Pgm. Pj. I 15-12-201130-06-201711300000042171141.45
2861-IND -Bihar Urban Development Investment Program-project 1 25-03-201330-06-20175700000010301701.09
2925-IND -Jammu & Kashmir Urban Sector Dev. Investment Perogram Project-2 16-05-201331-03-20179500000048953305.96
3052-IND -Rajasthan Renewable Energy Tranmission Investment Program - Project 1 12-09-201431-12-20166200000024973955.55
3055-IND -Uttarakhand Emergency Assistance Project 05-02-201427-10-201720000000091658480.97
3132-IND -Jammu and Kashmir Urban Sector Development Investment Program-Project-3 30-12-201431-03-20176000000023472343.75
3187-IND -Punjab Development Finance Program 28-11-201430-06-201720000000050000000
8275-IND -Rajasthan Renewable Energy Transmission Investment Program - Project 1 12-09-201431-12-20168800000035374586.45
9134-IND -JFPR - Capacity Building & Livelihood Enhancement of Poor Water Users 17-07-200931-03-20172000000781527.5
9147-IND -JFPR-Assistance for Improving Small Farmers' Access to Market in Bi & Maha 21-11-201130-04-20173000000388252.96
USD [U S Dollars ]
61146 -Market Development and promotion of solar concentrator Heat Applications 01-03-201231-03-201717000000
77828 -Market Dev & promotion of solar concentrator based process heat appln India28-03-201227-03-20174400000191879.84
GLF [Global Fund ]
USD [U S Dollars ]
405-G06-H1-Scaling Up Care, Support & Treatment Services for HIV in India 02-12-201130-04-2017313132318313131318
G02-H-00 -Global Fund assisted HIV Aid Control Project 09-02-200430-04-2017295125883.06295125883.06
IDA-T-CTD -TB Control Project(SSF) 07-08-201231-03-2017269274747.21269274747.21
GODE [Germany ]
EUR [Euros ]
11178493 -Nagpur Metro Project 01-04-201631-03-2017310000000
3990289E -Participatory Natural Rewource Management in Tripura 21-05-200831-03-2017120000009306421.56
GOFR [France ]
EUR [Euros ]
FRGL046E -Reorganization of Urban Water Supply Scheme for Jodhpur- RJ 02-02-201231-12-20167110000023817573.52
FRGL047E -Assam project on Forest & Biodiversity Conservation 22-02-201228-02-2017540000006791961.67
GOJP [Japan ]
JPY [Japanese Yen ]
IDP-165 -Bangalore Water Supply&Sewerage Project Phase II-I 31-03-200527-07-20174199700000041434959772
IDP-168 -Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Project (II-2) 31-03-200623-07-201799040000008387059973
IDP-168A -Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Project (II-2) 31-03-200623-07-20171845400000011000367364
IDP-175 -Kolkata Solid Waste Management Improvement Project 31-03-200624-07-201735840000002467642276
IDP-177 -Bangalore Distribution Upgradation Project 30-03-200731-03-2017106430000006445475003
IDP-181 -Andhra Pradesh Irrigation & Livelihood Improvement Project 30-03-200710-07-20172397400000014139182926
IDP-182 -Tripura Forest Environmental Improvement & Poverty Alleviation Project 30-03-200711-07-201777250000005306497753
IDP-183 -Gujarat Forestry Development Project Phase 2 30-03-200711-07-20171752100000014698927579
IDP-185 -Agra Water Supply Project 30-03-200711-07-20172482200000020522392628
IDP-186 -Amritsar Sewerage Project 30-03-200711-07-201769610000003669842559
IDP-187 -Orissa Integrated Sanitation Improvement Project 30-03-200711-10-20171906100000015454731791
IDP-189 -Goa Water Supply and Sewerage Project 14-09-200728-11-20171698100000010114070593
IDP-189A -Goa Water Supply & Sewerage Project 14-09-200728-11-201743990000003439229523
IDP-189B -Goa Water Supply and Sewerage Project 14-09-200728-11-201714260000001384208192
IDP-195 -Hogenakkal Water Supply and Fluorosis Mitigation Project 10-03-200825-03-20172109800000015628034089
IDP-195A -Hogenakkal Water Supply and Fluorosis Mitigation Project 10-03-200825-03-20171289000000977423500
IDP-198 -Hyderabad Outer Ring Road Project (Phase-II) 21-11-200825-02-20174039800000018942751349
IDP-198A -Hyderabad Outer Ring Road Project (Phase-II) 21-11-200825-02-201716290000001139020931
IDP-204 -Hogenakkal Water Supply & Fluorosis Mitigation Project (Phase 2 ) 31-03-200928-07-2017168510000005760420589
IDP-204A -Hogenakkal Water Supply & Fluorosis Mitigation Project (Phase 2 ) 31-03-200928-07-20172440000000
IDP-205 -Dedicated Freight Corridor Project (Phase I) 27-10-200923-02-201726060000002086418010
IDP-207 -Kolkata East-West Metro Project (II) 31-03-201015-06-20172200900000015895697945
IDP-207A -Kolkata East-West Metro Project (II) 31-03-201015-06-201713930000001378387962
IDP-208 -Chennai Metrol Project (II) 31-03-201031-03-20175564600000052662106798
IDP-208A -Chennai Metro Project (II) 31-03-201031-03-201742050000004204999999
IDP-212 -Dedicated Freight Corridor Project (Phase 2) 26-07-201015-11-201716160000001165142184
IDP-220 -Bangalore Metro Rail Project (II) 16-06-201122-09-20171389700000011139822090
IDP-220A -Bangalore Metro Rail Project (II) 16-06-201122-09-201759350000003406088290
JPGG038 -Institute of Child health & hospital for children 07-02-201431-12-201614950000001064019000
GOUK [United Kingdom ]
GBP [British Pound Sterling ]
UKGG076 -Sector Wide Approach to Strengthening Health in (SWASTH) Bihar 01-04-201031-03-2017100000000100000000
UKGG079 -Odisha Modernising Economy, Governance and Administration Programme (OMEGA)05-03-201231-03-201780000003885513
GOUS [United States of America ]
USD [U S Dollars ]
386-0546 -Disaster Management Support Project 21-07-200331-12-2016160000000
USD [U S Dollars ]
4843-IN -Punjab State Road Sector Project 26-02-200705-06-2017250000000220992115.53
7687-IN -Coal Fired Generation Rehabilitation Project 17-12-200929-11-201713616000076984480.99
7792-IN -Andhra and Telangana Road Sector Project 22-01-201031-05-2017264000000156164189.8
7816-IN -Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Municipal Development Project 22-01-201015-12-2017300000000126922637.87
7924-IN -Capacity Building for Industrial Pollution Management Project 22-07-201015-09-201714710000363859.63
7941-IN -Mumbai Urban Transport Project-2A 23-07-201031-12-2016344000000271101708.5
7995-IN -PMGSY Rural Roads Project 14-01-201130-06-2017500000000499859560
8066-IN -Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor-I Project 27-10-201130-06-2017975000000218587035.53
8199-IN -Himachal Pradesh State Road Project-Additional Financing 21-01-201330-06-2017617000006884607.03
8605-IN -1st Programmatic Elect. Disb. Reform Dev. Policy Loan For Raj 31-03-201631-03-2017250000000250000000
P4780-IN -West Bengal Institutional Strengthening of Gram Panchayats Ph-II 17-06-201630-04-201745000002180205
TF017363 -JSDF Grant For Karnataka Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Pilot Project 15-07-201431-07-201745500001354894.78
TF094676 -Coal Fired Generation Rehabiliatation Project 17-12-200929-11-20174540000020041811.05
TF097126 -Global Environment Facility-Financing Energy Efficiency at MSMEs Project 13-09-201030-12-201617350001267908.72
TF0A1269 -Strengthening of Flood Modeling Capacity in WRD, Bihar, SAWI Grant 21-01-201630-06-2017475000100000
IDA [I D A ]
USD [U S Dollars ]
Q924-IN -Preparation of Proposed Citizen-Centric Service Delivery Reform in NE Prj. 08-08-201431-12-20162000000400000
Q942-IN -Preparation of Proposed Nagaland Health Project Preparation Advance 17-10-201431-12-20161000000646104.53
XDR [Special Drawing Right ]
4653-IN -Andhra Pradesh Rural and Telangana Water Supply and Sanitation Project 22-01-201031-05-20178020000052490068.94
4685-IN -Second Technical/Engineering Education Quality Improvement Project. 14-07-201031-03-201713463000097893969.58
4755-IN -Cpacity Building for Industrial Pollution Management Project 22-07-201015-09-2017192065006608765.01
4758-IN -West Bengal Institutional Strengthening of Gram Panchayats Project 15-07-201031-12-2016131800000131800000
4772-IN -National Cyclone Risk Mitigation Project 14-01-201102-10-201716410000095594744.59
4809-IN -Maharashtra Agricultural Competitiveness Project 02-11-201031-12-20166590000036659445.41
4837-IN -Addl. Financing for TN Empr and Poverty Reduction"Vazhndhu Kaattuvom" Proj.23-12-201030-06-20179900000086673787.52
4848-IN -PMGSY Rural Roads Project 14-01-201131-10-2017176152600166124492.39
4849-IN -PMGSY Rural Roads Project 14-01-201130-06-2017394900000394900000
4872-IN -Kerala Local Government and Service Delivery Project 04-07-201130-06-2017128100000122828167.84
5088-IN -Secondary Education Project 05-10-201230-06-2017322400000322400000
5159-IN -Addl. Financing for Himachal Pradesh Mid-Himalayan Watershed Dev. Project 20-11-201231-03-20172460000019470414.84
5161-IN -Addl. Financing for Karnataka Health System Development and Reform Project 21-11-201231-03-20174650000034665193.18
5376-IN -Accelerating Universal Access to Early and Effective Tuberculosis Care Proj30-05-201431-03-20176500000036768540.07
5413-IN -Additional Financing for the National Cyclone Risk Mitigation Project 11-08-201531-10-20176730000022549243.19
5447-IN -Third Elementary Education Project 29-05-201430-09-20171066000000
5448-IN -Third Elementary Education Project 29-05-201430-09-2017544400000502200000
XDR [Special Drawing Right ]
682(MH)-IN-Tejaswini Rural Women Empowerment Programme (Maharashtra) 12-10-200630-09-20171860000015378663.35
682MP-A-IN-Addl. Financing to Tejaswini Rural Women Empowerment Programme 26-06-201430-09-201797400000
794-IN -North Eastern Region Comm. Resource Management proj. for upland areas II 12-07-201031-03-20171260000011639736.68
USD [U S Dollars ]
1251-P -Orissa Integrated Irrigated Agriculture and Water Management Project 12-03-200931-03-20173000000023648739.03